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One of our houses that meet the special needs of our clients.

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Our company focuses on providing affordable housing for offenders that are in compliance with probation, state, and local ordinances in Florida. As you may know this is not an easy task. Laws and restrictions keeps changing making it harder to find locations that meets our client's specific needs. Housing for Sex Offenders in FLorida.

Our Involvement

One of the many homeless SOs.

 We are passionate about what we do. Being a registered sex offender I know what it is like to have no place to live. We are not only sympathetic, we are empathetic in this regard. It is our goal to try to place you in a location that is suitable for your needs. We also do not believe in giving false information or hope. Housing for Sex Offenders in Florida.

Thank You

One of our houses.

The ABFY LLC (Hfouro) is not a facility or a program. We rent rooms to sex offenders as they re-adjust to society. Currently all we have available are rooms for rent. It is getting more difficult to find houses that comply with state laws, county ordinances and landlords that will rent to sex offenders. Housing for Sex Offenders in FLorida.